What We Buy

First, we specialize in buying your GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM jewellery, DIAMONDS jewellery, coins, flatware and bars in any condition.

We believe in honesty and transparency and that is why we post buying prices right here on our website. Therefore, you will have an idea what your items worth even before coming in! Not sure if your items are Gold, Silver or Platinum? Not sure how many karat your jewellery is? No problem, simply drop by and our honest representative will explain what you have and how much it is worth! We suggest to our visitors to read our Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds Education page to further understand the value of your items.

GOLD of any kind: Scrap Gold, 10 Karat Gold, 14 Karat Gold, Dental Gold, 18 Karat Gold, 22 Karat Gold, 24 Karat Gold, Gold Bars and Coins.

SILVER: Sterling Silver Jewellery, Coins, Cutlery, Flatware, Tableware and Silverware.

PLATINUM: Platinum Jewellery, Platinum Coins.

DIAMONDS: Diamonds Jewellery.

We Buy and Loan for Luxury Watches

You will find the list of luxury watches’ brand names that we accept on our Luxury Watches Education page. However if the brand that you have is missing in our list, please feel free to contact us to bargain.

Money Vendor Pawn Shop. We Buy or Loan Money for Quality Electronics such as Audio and Video, Cameras and Camcorders Secured Storage of Your Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Electronics, Tools Guaranteed

Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Music Equipment, Game consoles and video games, TVs, Cameras to name just a few! If you got professional equipment, we can buy it too! We buy any electronics of value!

Electric, diesel and gas saws, drills, grinders, compressors and more! If your tools are not old and have value, bring them to us.